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About us

About us

Who We Are

As a fast growing online sports and fashion brand based in Australia, Inside Warrior's mission is to deliver a unique product range and shopping experience for women and men with a global community of two million across all platforms.

We deliver gears and style to the warrior community who are highly engaged in their personal health and fitness industry, from gym workout and calisthenics training, to personal meditation and sports competition. We have a large global community comprised of determined warriors, who are smart and passionate, proactively seeking out their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

As an original generation X entrepreneur team, we are a market disrupter delivering products and services to the fitness community and we always emphasise on the elements that matter the most.

We collaborate with manufacturers as partners and treat our customers as friends. Achieving your health and fitness goals is totally possible when our Inside Warrior team continuously provide the perfect blend of functionality and style. Delivering on this mission, we’ve driven passion-fuelled initiatives including our InMeTheX series, a unique collection that awakens the Warrior Totem inside you; Gymrag series, an accessory collection that sparks both style and functional usage.

We accept perfection and imperfection, and we celebrate generality and uniqueness. We always appreciate both affordability and materialism and strive to be practical as well as idealistic, for each individual of us believes in - I CAN. And. I WILL.

Nathan Dunkley - General Manager


Inside Warrior is not just an apparel provider. Nor are we a fashion follower. We consider ourselves a group of catalysts to think, action and ultimately claim the Warrior Power Inside themselves.


At our core, Inside Warrior operates on facts and integrity with our partner manufacturers and our community. We appreciate Imagination, Individuality, Inclusivity, and Impact.


We celebrate individuality and diversity with our customers and community. We aim to establish a strong formula that includes our partners, customers and the whole Inside Warrior team. No middle person or agency welcomed in the process chain.


At Inside Warrior, we make it work and make it happen. We dream it but we don’t stop there. Beyond dreams, we believe we can do it and we are willing to achieve it, individually and together. We are improving ourselves every day renewing what's common sense.

Getting Support

The Inside Warrior shopping experience is built online, so is our Community and Support Centre.

To browse our existing Knowledge Base, please visit Inside Warrior Help Centre

Alternatively, you can lodge a support ticket HERE and our support team will respond to your query shortly.

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