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The Do’s and Don’ts of Losing Weight With Social Media


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According to 2017 Pew Research Center data, out of every 10 Americans, an estimated 7 use social media regularly. As the existing line between the real and virtual world increasingly gets blurry, studies have revealed that social media has a significant impact on our daily lives.

To many, social media can appear as a time stuck or portray unrealistic body ideas, chances are that these tech times produce great benefits when utilised strategically and positively.

If you are one of those who are aficionados or gadget addicts who spend more time on social media platforms, utilizing the popular tech platforms strategically could help you shed some pounds while also achieving your body goals. Here, we’ll be revealing a few of the Do’s and Don’ts of social media if you want to make social media a part of your weight loss success.

DO: Share Your Goals

Have you ever thought of being honest with yourself at the end of the day? The power to take action could easily fall on your wayside. Do you want to stick and achieve that weight loss goal? Share it with others on social media.

Sharing your goals on social media platforms could lead to a significant weight loss success. According to the report of a survey published in the Journal of Translational Behavioral Medicine, about 194 participants were reported with an average of 42.3 pounds of weight loss since they began sharing their goals online.

DO: Build Support

There is a popular quote “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” Ideally, your squad will constitute your friends, families, and loved ones, but there is no point overlooking the personalities you meet online too.

Whenever you are in need of supports, relationship drama plays a pivotal role. So, people whom you’ve never met in person can motivate you to win big.

DON’T: Compare Yourself To Others

Get this straight. Your journey is your journey. Instead of you to propel forward, you’ll only experience a setback if you are trying to compare yourself to others.
Whenever you set your eyes on before/after pictures of others, you’ll be facilitated to be more critical about your own shape and body size. Eventually, you’ll also tend to enhance your risk of negative mood, disordered eating, and low self-esteem.

While people compare themselves with others, they tend to feel ashamed of themselves, their bodies, and their progress. At this point, you’ll feel you do not meet your body ideals. So, try as much as possible to desist from comparing yourself with others.

The Bottomline

You could utilise all your days tracking your weight loss, chatting in forums, posting progress reports and so forth- but all isn’t enough.

You need to utilise social media to supplement your goals. You could find yourself staying sedentary if you spend too much time on social media. Above all, virtual life has its own significance, but it shouldn’t become a replacement for your actual life experiences.

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