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7 Uses for Your Gym Towel


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The Inside Warrior Gymrag microfibre towel doubles up as a gym towel to wipe away sweat and removes the need for a gym bag with a generous zip pocket with plenty of space for phone, keys, ear phones, gym card, assisted pull up bands... It measures 75cm long by 35cm wide and has a pocket that’s 25cm x 35cm, much larger than most gym towels on the market.

Inside Warrior grey gym towel also has plenty of other uses for when you’re in the gym or doing a yoga session in the living room.

Yoga Mat

If you’re having a yoga session in the living room or doing some floor work in the gym then you can use your gym towel to lie on. The Inside Warrior microfibre towel measures 35cm wide by 75cm long so it’s enough to put a bit extra padding between your back and the floor. The soft microfibre material won’t irritate your skin and is more comfortable for your wrists when you’re doing downward dog pose!

Stretch Band

After a good run there’s nothing better than stretching out your calves. The Inside Warrior gym towel measures 75cm long so it’s perfect to wrap lengthways around the soles of your feet and hold onto each end with your hands to gently pull yourself forwards over your legs.

Sliding Planks

Sliding planks are a real core burner by placing a towel or cloth under your feet and using your arms to pull yourself across the floor whilst maintaining the perfect plank pose. You will struggle to do this move with your trainers so placing a gym towel under each foot will help your feet to glide across the floor. The Inside Warrior sweat towel measures 75cm long so depending on how wide you place your legs you can probably use the one towel for both feet.


It’s not nice to think about but gyms are a breeding ground for bacteria with hundreds of people sweating it out in the gym every single day. Most of us are considerate and will make the most of the bacterial sprays in the gym and clean our machine before and after use, but many people don’t. You can use your gym towel to mop up your own sweat to reduce the spread of bacteria and also place it over the handles to protect yourself from picking up germs on your hands.

The Inside Warrior gym towel is microfibre which is a popular material for its hygienic qualities and its ability to absorb and hold a lot of liquid, leaving your skin dry and clean.


One of the best features of the Inside Warrior gym towel is that is has a good sized zip pocket measuring 35cm x 25cm which offers plenty of room for your gym accessories. No more gym bag, gym lockers or dropping your keys behind the treadmill! The full length zip keeps your items safely sealed inside so as your running and moving nothing will fall out.

Shower Towel

We’ve all been there. You get up early, grab your gym bag which you packed the night before and rush out the door to get to the gym. After a solid workout you head to the showers to get ready for work and find that you forgot your shower towel. Not showering isn’t an option but wet patches on your suit isn’t either. Even though the Inside Warrior gym towel is smaller than a normal shower or bath towel, it’s super absorbent and can help you dry off.


The number one use for our gym towel is a sweat towel. When you’re really going for it you don’t need sweat making your hands slippery on the spin bike or on the floor when you’re working those burpees. The microfibre material absorbs huge amounts of liquid to leave your skin dry and ready to grip.


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