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5 Ways To Fall In Love With Exercise


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5 ways to fall in love with exercise? There was a time when I would have laughed at anyone who said they “love exercise” because I certainly didn’t. I avoided P.E in school and continued to avoid physical activity as an adult because it left me vulnerable to my clumsiness and public embarrassment.

That all changed about a year ago when I walked into my first aerobics class, then legs bums and tums, Bodypump, Spin, Pilates, Kettlebells....I love them all. And it’s changed my life, my body and my emotional well being. If i can fall in love with exercise then ANYONE can.

1. Try Everything

There’s so many different ways to exercise from exercise classes to a session in the gym, swimming to running. Chances are you’re going to enjoy one of them, so try as many forms of exercise as you can. If you don’t enjoy it, then don’t do it. My rule is to try it at least three times before writing it off as a no-go.

I did four spin classes before I started to really enjoy it (and my bum stopped hurting as much). I also tried running and ran the Race For Life 5k but there was no love between my trainers and the pavement. So I stick to what I enjoy.

  1. Look Good Doing it

Any excuse for a shopping spree right? Exercise is a great excuse to indulge in a snazzy new pair of trainers and to match them with your tank top. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good gym outfit, but once you’ve bought a few pieces you’ll want to make the most of them and strut your stuff. For me, the gym is one of the few places I can wear my favourite bright colours and not feel like I stand out.

  1. Don’t Do It Alone

Exercise can be a lot more fun when you do it with a friend who can support and encourage you to keep going and try new things. They’ll also help you laugh it off as you stumble your way through a Zumba class or get stuck on the Spin bike because your wobbly, post-workout legs have gone stiff.

  1. Don’t Give Up

Change always begins with the decision to try. You’re reading this blog because you want to change, now all you have to do is keep motivated. Sometimes the hardest part of committing to an exercise routine is the drive/walk to the gym in the first place knowing that you can take that left turn and head right back to the comfort of home. But those times when you least want to exercise is actually when you need to do it most. Nothing helps me get over a stressful day then getting to a Bodypump class, lifting heavy and taking out my frustration on that bar! Keep pushing yourself to get out and do it, soon it will be a part of your routine that you can’t live without.


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