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3 Signs You're Practicing (But Not Living) The Yoga Lifestyle


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At Inside Warrior, we’re all about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. And yoga is a significant part of doing that! 

As one of the practitioners of yoga in the western world, your priorities can quickly shift while your practices could also constitute more of materialism than holistic lifestyles as well as positive developments. Borrowing from a famous quote “we are only talking the talk and not walking the walk,” in this article, we’ll be going through 3 common signs that you might be practicing but still not living the yoga lifestyle. Sit back and let’s get started. 


1. Your Practice is Based on How You Treat Yourself But Not Others

Generally, we can conclude that the westerners are pretty much involved in such acts. As you are probably aware, yoga requires the devotion of a substantial amount of energy for the purpose of self-development. You could find it extremely easy to become self-involved even to the point of delusion. All the same, you should bear in mind that your services to other people is just as essential as the services you offer to yourself. 


2. Your Definition of a Dedicated Practice is Cosmetics and Superficial 

The number of grocery stores you visit and how frequent you visit these places doesn’t define your practice. The number of fancy yoga pants in your possession doesn’t determine your practice. Nowadays, yoga practice in the western world has become a seemingly rich game. This is owing to the evidence of the massive revenue from yoga-related businesses. However, you’ll find it challenging to discover a space in the yoga world that hasn’t been slightly tarnished by capitalism. 

Unfortunately, this practice often results in a huge class division, mainly between varied social-economic background and yoga practitioners. And yeah, this underlying classism could restrict the image of yoga while portraying it as a frivolous sport of the wealthy. 


3. You Criticize Others Based On What Their Asana “Should” Look Like

Pose shaming has become a straight-up lane. Thanks to social media, it is evident in our community, and numerous yoga teachers condone it. Honestly, the competitive nature of the fitness world should be blamed in general. Listening to the complaints of yoga students concerning their progress in a pose because it’s not as good as they want isn’t common. 

Often times, we fail to subscribe to the fact that every expression of an asana (pose) is just as good as the next. As a result of the differences in our bodies, there is no single way to practice a pose. For everyone, asana frequently looks and feels different. Whenever you belittle yourself and others, it is considered shortsighted, mean, and entirely against the true meaning of yoga.


So now that you’ve understood all these, it’s time to leave such practices behind and truly start ‘living a yoga lifestyle’. And don’t forget, Inside Warrior is here whenever you need fitness apparel!

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