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3 Gym Hacks You Need to Know


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Nowadays, life hacks are the rage. Everybody is in search of cures for cancer as well as global warming with iPhones, masking tapes and rubber bands. In life, everything has its own problems, folks are affected on a daily basis, and the gym is not an exception. 

Fitness amateurs and experts battle with some of these problems too, especially whenever they are trying some techniques to get jacked and shed a few pounds before summer breaks. 

Here are a few of the gym hacks from Inside Warrior that’ll elevate your next gym session from suck to sick.


1. Keep Your Gym Bag in Your Car

Obviously, this is a no brainer, and many people just want to forget or simply decide not to make life easier for themselves. Have you ever thought of the toughest part of visiting the gym? So, there aren’t any reasons to get yourself any form of distraction. Once your stuff is readily kept in your car, you’ll always be ready to hit a session whenever you are out of your home. 


2. Quit Wasting Energy

Yeah. Deadlifting is tough. But you should know that there is something even tougher. And that’s the moment you are trying to get the plates off the bar after your session. Rather than holding the bar with a single hand and pulling off the plates, you should keep the bar down and pull the plates with both hands. Simply saddle the bar and pull the plates towards yourself.


3. Switch Your iPhone To Do Not Disturb

We all know that feeling- wanting to post some updates on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter at every second of our time at the gym. But remember that the gym equipment you are using is to be used by someone else too and they are waiting. It is highly appreciable if you spend less time on social media and devote more time to your workout. 

Obviously, the easiest and hassle-free way to keep yourself away from any form of distraction is to get rid of those unnecessary notifications or nagging text messages. Switch your phone to airplane mode or activate the “Do Not Disturb.” This doesn’t stop you from listening to music or enabling Wi-Fi in your phone’s settings. 

Alternatively, you can join the leagues of others who use wireless earbuds during workouts. More so, some devices provide you the opportunity to enable Bluetooth while on airplane mode. Whichever way, the goal is to get rid of any form of distraction.


Useful, aren’t they? At Inside Warrior, it’s always our goal to provide you the most useful fitness info and the most trendy fitness apparel. Now that you’ve got the info, go ahead and explore our shop for some exclusive gym outfits for yourself!


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